Veuliah Pet Cremation

Cremation service for domestic animal (dog, cat and other pets), transportation and body preservation. Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, contact us at 514-974-9597, Veuliah's team is here for you.

Cremation Veuliah offers private cremation to all its customers. Whether you desire, or not, to accompany your pet throughout the incineration process, our team is committed to treat your animal with respect and professionalism.

The process will take place at your own pace and our team will be at your side with kindness, courtesy and respect. You will be able to have one last moment with your faithful companion and verify the authenticity of the ashes that will be handed to you, in the urn of your choice, as soon as the cremation has been completed.

Our mission is to allow you to live your mourning at your own pace, with respect and dignity.

The pain we feel at the loss of our pet is a difficult step to overcome. Taking the time to say goodbye to our animal is a healthy and natural way to soften our mourning. Cremation Veuliah's mission is to accompany you during this difficult stage so that you can pay a last homage to this faithful companion.